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Chiizu Professional Photography Software

Our goal is to make your life easier - less stress, great output and more photo sales

Chiizu The Chiizu suite of Professional Event Photography software makes it easy to manage, sell and print your digital photos effectively. Download a free trial to ensure our applications will meet your photography business requirements.

Professional event photography is a stressful business. Training staff in multiple applications and workflows is error prone and inefficient. We've developed a suite of applications so you can "set and forget", letting your business get on with taking photos and fulfilling orders.

Why use Chiizu Event Photo Software?

  • You can automate your complex digital photo workflows - editing, printing and archiving photos
  • It's a set and forget system - no need for computer experts onsite to support your photography business
  • It's easy to use - with just a couple hours of training your photographers can use it and there's no need for complicated photo editing software onsite

Our Professional Photography suite consists of four applications:

1. Chiizu Photo File Workflow
Move, copy, edit, rename, organise and backup digital photos with one simple to use application.

2. Chiizu Photo Retailer
Makes selling your photos easy. Simply drag photos into a template, add to cart and complete the order. Supports greenscreen and invoice printing. All orders stored as CSV and XML for easy reporting.

3. Chiizu Photo Layout
This is our template authoring and album creation. Templates created with Chiizu Photo Layout can be used by Photo Retailer and Photo Workflow for a multitude of fulfilment options.

4. Chiizu Photo Printer
Simply place your photos into a Chiizu Photo Printer HotFolder and it will be printed immediately on any Windows printer. We support multiple HotFolders, multiple printers and many other options to make printing a breeze.

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Photo File Workflow - Automated photo manipulation

  • Archiving, copying, renaming, moving, creating folders, managing meta data
  • Inserting photos and information into templates
Only $199

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Photo Retailer - Operator assisted photo sales

  • Kiosk style template photo creation with green screen, overlays and backgrounds
  • Retail support including invoices, photo packages, shopping cart, reorders, reporting
Only $299

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Photo Layout - Template and photo album creation

  • Create complex templates that are easy to use in Retailer and Workflow
  • Supports multipage photo albums for fast production and high quality output
Only $49

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Photo Printer - Automatic photo scaling, rotating and printing

  • Set and forget hot folder to Windows printer solution
  • Auto rotate, scaling and printer load balancing
Only $99
Try Before You Buy - Download fully featured trial to ensure our software works for you!

Try now - no risk!

You are free to download our applications and try them out at any time. The applications are either limited by volume or the output is watermarked in the trial versions. This ensures you can confirm they meet your needs prior to purchase. If you're happy with what you achive with our applications, you can licence them online directly from your computer and start using them immediately.

Check out our "Getting Started" section for help downloading, installing and configuring the Chiizu Event Software Suite (we even have some nice configurations to get you started).