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About Chiizu

Chiizu is a global provider of Online and Offline solutions for the digital photography industry.

Chiizu was founded in 2000 and has served customers in Canada, USA, UK, Japan, Australia and China.

Chiizu services the global market, and the technological elegance of our products enables multi-lingual use of our software. As a result, our products can be adapted to most country specific markets and offer usability to clients across the Globe.

Our two main products are:

Chiizu Event Photo Software

Our customers for the Event Photography platform include event photographers, theme parks, zoos and many other tourism businesses.

Chiizu Online Digital Print Platform

Our customers for the Digital Photo Platform are typically large retailers or networks of photofinishing labs who require integrated technology at all levels of the digital image value chain - online, in-lab and on the consumer's desktop. For more information please see our corporate site www.chiizu.com - The Digital Photography Technology Experts

Chiizu looks forward to helping you meet your digital photography business goals by providing flexible and cost effective automation and eCommerce.