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October 15 2008
Chiizu launches new Event Photo Software website. Due to the popularity of our event photography software, we've created a specialist site.

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Photo File Workflow

Chiizu Event File Workflow is an easy to use program for managing files (images as well as any other file type), and subfolders in a dynamic environment.

You can set up any number of Actions which can monitor a subfolder or disk drive (including removable media like compact flash or USB camera connections), and perform file manipulations on target files including renaming, rotating JPG files based on EXIF information and sending files to external applications for further processing.

You may also perform actions on files within subfolders and can manage these subfolders as well - copy, move and delete.

Chiizu Event File Workflow also supports several different Action scheduling options - continually processing the actions, at application start or shutdown, at a particular time, at a timed interval or on a user initiated command (via a menu).


The main actions are:

  • delete, move and copy files.
  • move files from media - this is commonly used for moving files from memory cards or cameras.
  • delete, move and copy subfolders.
  1. Delete Files will simply remove files that meet the file specifications criteria.
  2. Move Files will take files from a source folder and move them with optional renaming and dynamic destination folder creation.
  3. Copy Files will simply take files in a source folder and copy them to a destination folder.
  4. Move Files from Media is similar to move, but will search all subfolders on the specified source device. Move from Media also displays a progress indicator dialog box so the operator can monitor the transfer and remove the media on completion.
  5. Delete Subfolders will remove files within subfolders that meet the file criteria specified and the subfolders themselves if they are empty.
  6. Move Subfolders will move the files within the subfolders that meet the file criteria specified into subfolders with the same name. It will then remove empty subfolders from the source.
  7. Copy Subfolders will copy the files within the subfolders that meet the file criteria specified into subfolders with the same names.

Source File Specifications

Wildcard File Specifications such as *.jpg or smith*.* can be used to define the files you want to perform the action on. You can also specify the minimum age of the file in minutes, hours or days (if, for instance, you only wanted to keep images less than 4 hours old at a theme park or event). You can also specify to leave at least a certain number of files, for instance, delete all jpgs except for the most recent 10.

Renaming Files

Files can be renamed as part of the action with powerful templates for naming conventions including dates, times, original filename components, counts, user defined text, EXIF contents, barcode scanned information and much more.

If an id.txt file exists in the source folder, additional information can be used for naming files including photographer ID, event ID, card ID, and 3 user specified identifiers. These id.txt files are especially handy if placed on digital camera memory sticks. Files that are moved from these memory sticks can be renamed and placed in different folders depending on the photographer, card, event, or any number of the three user definable values that are set out in the id.txt file.

An easy to use rename template editor makes it easy to accomplish powerful file renaming tasks.

File Manipulation

Files can be modified in several different ways:

  • Images can be rotated based on EXIF contents
  • File date can be made current
  • Read only attributes can be modified
  • Files can be sent to external applications (for example an Adobe Photoshop droplet) for additional processing)

Destination Subfolders

To make file management and organization easier, you can also get Chiizu File Workflow to automatically create destination subfolders. Imagine being able to create subfolders based on date, time, batchID or a user definable ID.TXT file. For example, a new folder could be created each day for each of your photographers. Simply use the Edit Subfolder Name Template Editor to select photographer ID and Date and you're done manually copying, backing up and sorting files!

Photo File Workflow Screen Shots

The modify action form allows you to configure powerful file workflow actions Modify Action Screen Shot, Photo File Workflow

You can use the rename file editor wizard to quickly generate templates that allow you to match filenames and capture details that are contained in the filenames for use in file moving and renaming. Rename File Template Editor Screen Shot, Photo File Workflow

Photo File Workflow provides you with a tool to test your File Specifications on real files in your file system so you can quickly verify that you have the correct patterns to meet your file matching requirements. Test File Spec Screen Shot, Photo File Workflow

With a GPS enabled camera you can easily configure Photo File Workflow to organize digital photo files based on where they were taken. GPS Filter Aread Screen Shot, Photo File Workflow

You can preview your locations on Google Maps to verify the settings. GPS Location Mapping Screen Shot, Photo File Workflow