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The Chiizu Event Photography product suite contains applications to make event photography easy and efficient for your staff.

You can do everything from :

  • automated photo transfer from cameras, cards, etc
  • real time photo rotate, rename, copy, delete, place in subfolders, rename from EXIF and much more
  • photo manipulation with templates, text overlays, greenscreen transparency, fantasy photos, select print sizes and more
  • photo sales - with package deals, pricing, invoices, kiosk interface, reprint from barcodes and more
  • photo printing - automated send to various printers with hotfolders, etc
  • archiving - create folders with advanced naming features to store the input and manipulated photos and orders

Event Photography Products Overview

Please click on the i to view additional information and screenshots of our event photography applications.

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Photo File Workflow - Automated photo manipulation

  • Archiving, copying, renaming, moving, creating folders, managing meta data
  • Inserting photos and information into templates
Only $199

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Photo Retailer - Operator assisted photo sales

  • Kiosk style template photo creation with green screen, overlays and backgrounds
  • Retail support including invoices, photo packages, shopping cart, reorders, reporting
Only $299

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Photo Layout - Template and photo album creation

  • Create complex templates that are easy to use in Retailer and Workflow
  • Supports multipage photo albums for fast production and high quality output
Only $49

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Photo Printer - Automatic photo scaling, rotating and printing

  • Set and forget hot folder to Windows printer solution
  • Auto rotate, scaling and printer load balancing
Only $99