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Chiizu Event Photo Applications are designed to manage files and images automatically for ease of use and reduced operator training.

Photo Layout is used to create templates that can be used in Photo File Workflow for automatic photo creation or in Photo Retailer for operator assisted photo creation.

The applications combine a background and foreground image with the customer's photo. This allows for fantasy photos using greenscreen and the overlay of logos and frames. For fantasy photos you can even place objects in the foreground to create exceptional images of your customers sitting in or on all sorts of things such as crocodiles and boats.

Here's some ideas to get you started.

Here is an illustration of how foregrounds, backgrounds and photos can be sandwiched with our software.

This is an example of a automatic logo overlay - Photo File Workflow and Photo Printer were used in this event.

Here's an example of a studio greenscreen photo being combined with a background from the Whitsundays and a boarder from Australia Zoo.